Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples In a Long Distance Relationship

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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Be Together On The Day

Valentine’s Day is a time where most couples set aside time to be together and celebrate their love. But what if you’re in a long distance relationship, or have other commitments that mean you won’t be able to see each other? Here are a few quick Valentine’s Day ideas for couples who can’t be together to help you come up with an unconventional way to show how much you love each other.

Plan Ahead

If you won’t be seeing each other for a while then you might want to send something through the mail, and this is going to require forward planning. Whether it means booking a flower delivery or simply sending a card, you’re going to need to do it at least a few days in advance to ensure there’s time for the delivery.

Romantic Gift Ideas To Mail Your Partner

If you want to mail a gift, then a little creativity goes a long way. Some Valentine’s Day ideas for couples who can’t be together include:

* Creating a scrapbook full of photographs documenting your time together,

* Putting together a mix tape (or CD!) of tracks that mean something to you as a couple, along with a note about why you chose them,

* An old fashioned love letter: it might sound simple but a letter can mean a lot in an age of emails and internet,

* Send them a traditional gift and spray some of your favorite perfume or cologne on it to remind them of you.

Have A Skype Date

It’s not as good as being in person, but it’s better than not seeing each other at all. Your Valentine’s gift to your partner could be a webcam. You can both hook up your webcams and microphones and spend a couple of hours (or however long you have) chatting over the internet. To make it more like a date, you could both cook the same meal and eat it together while you’re chatting.

Choose A Your Own “Valentine’s Day”

Valentine’s Day is really just a date on the calendar that most people set aside to celebrate love. If you can’t make that date, why don’t you just choose another one? If you’ll be able to see each other before or after Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love for each other then. Make sure you set a date that both of you can make, and that you get rid of all distractions for that date.

As you can see, many of these Valentine’s Day ideas for couples simply take a traditional Valentine’s gift and put a creative twist on it. Just because you can’t be together on the day doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what it’s all about.



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