Rebuilding Long Distance Relationships After Break Up

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Sometimes a long distance relationship ends and for whatever reason one person is not able to let it go. They want to be back with the person that they were in the relationship with. They may have feelings that they cannot let go of. Or perhaps they have realized that the relationship ending was not the right thing and they want to fix it.

If a person was responsible for the long distance relationship ending and things not working out, they may harbor a great deal of guilt. They may have a strong urge to make things right and win their mate back. This is especially true in a situation where there has been infidelity or some other trust issue that is most often a definite long distance relationship deal breaker.

In some cases they may have had a momentary lapse in judgment. They could have thought that they wanted something different and then as soon as they had that, they realized it was not really what they wanted. They know that they hurt their partner and in some cases they cannot handle this thought. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the person back and to repair the relationship.

In other circumstances, people decide that they need to be back together for different reasons. Some people are lonely. They may not be able to handle being alone. If both people are feeling lonely and not happy, they can seek the comfort that they have gotten so used to.

They will go back into the long distance relationship, no matter what the reasons were for ending it to begin with, simply to have that closeness and comfort. They do not want to be alone. They want that empty hole to be filled back up. They will get back into the relationship to spend time together at those rare moments when they can visit each other.

Once they have done this, they quickly realize the original reasons that they ended the relationship and things fall apart again. This can start a vicious cycle. They continue to go back and forth between being in a relationship with each other and then ending the relationship due to the distance.

No matter what the reasons are, a decision to reenter a long distance relationship is one that cannot be taken lightly. It cannot be made at an emotional time. You need to have a clear head and focus, to be able to decide if getting back into the long distance relationship is the best option. If not, you are likely to end up with your long distance relationship ending again and with any chance of a friendship being thrown away.

You and your ex both need to spend time talking about your relationship and what you both want. If you are both in agreement that you should work things out, then you need to decide how to go about rebuilding your relationship.

Often, people that are starting over will start out by dating again. They will pretend that they have never been in a relationship together. This gives them a completely fresh start and helps them to do things the right way and improve their relationship. But, both parties have to agree on how to go about this when the distance is an issue. You both have to learn to be patient and to agree to communicate regularly over the telephone or other means of communication.

When you visit each other, start off anew as if you have just met and grow from there. For step-by-step guidance on how to make your long distance relationship work read Long Distance Relationship Advice



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  1. soumya on Sun, 22nd Jul 2012 5:48 am
  2. hey
    i read about your tips nd how you help…. i really need your help… My ex and i broke up 4 months ago… i have shifted somewhere else and due to which our rel became a long distance rel…. after i shifted dat is a month after i shifted he broke up with me nd tge reason is still not known…. we nomore are in contact with eachother…. i tried alot to save my rel nd to patch up with him but he got more annoyed and distant…. i really need him back because i really do love him…. i cant think of moving on… even if i try to contact him on fb he hardly responds to me and he has become a totally different person…. plz help me out plz….. i need him back no matter what…. and i can do anything for dis….. please tell me what to do coz i dont want to give up…. my friends keep tellin me that he is abusing me but i dont trust them and i also hear that he likes someone else…. i really want to win him back

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