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When you are involved in a long distance relationship and your partner originally moved away for work or school, you had to move away from your partner, surviving a long distance relationship can be challenging. With the new opportunities presenting themselves to both you and your long distance partner it may be hard to resist the temptation to have a fling, an affair or start a new relationship.

How do you keep your long distance relationship and the flames of passion alive when you don’t even know when you will see each other next?

Here is an email from the other side of the coin – this woman got involved with a man who was initially in a long distance relationship with someone else:


I am a bit confused about my own situation.

Basically I meet my ex just a few weeks after his split from a long term partner. We live overseas and he left his partner to work here but they continued with a long distance relationship originally he came for 6 months but he decided to stay here permanently.

I believe she had the final say in the break up but and they had lots of long distance arguments and she stays in his house. My friends say he was very miserable and when we meet they were done and dusted. Anyway, I enter the scene and we have a great time I would go as far as to say he was swept away with it all.

Then 6 weeks into our relationship the ex decided to come over and see if they could sort things out. I was not happy as you can imagine and said we should break off until he was clear what and who he wanted. He would hear none of it and assured me it was over with or without me. That he had no future with her. She came, she went and all continued with us. He said he had no spark left with her and I was the one he had feelings for.

I’d like your advice on what I should do.

Thank you


Dear Mona,

Like you said, your man’s long distance relationship is over, and that is what he is saying, apparently the spark died and his long distance ex girlfriend was not able to sort things out.

Should you get involved with a man who is just out of a long distance relationship? It is up to you. But I say, proceed with caution. Since he is fresh out of this relationship and you don’t really know what went wrong with that relationship there is no way for you to know if he still has feelings for his long distance ex or if he is completely over her.





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