Advice On Long Distance Relationship When Your Long Distance Partner Starts Pulling Away

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When you are in a long distance relationship, you may find yourself wonder how to maintain your long distance relationship, especially when your long distance partner starts to pull away. This article will help you deal with your long distance relationship and overcome the problems. By following this advice you will be able to improve your relationship with your long distance partner and keep the love alive.

Tips on how to save a relationship are all over the place online, but in a long distance relationship it is especially important to take the distance and inability to see each other often in consideration when looking for advice on how to keep and save your long distance relationship. The problem is no one really gives you a clear path to take to get to the root of your problems and find workable solutions when you and your partner are separated by many miles. When you know how to get your negotiations off on the right foot and where to go from there, though, you have a much better chance of making up with your sweetie.

Decide what you want!

Before you go trying to figure out how to save a long distance relationship, you need to know exactly what it is about that relationship you don’t want to lose. Do you want more emotional or physical intimacy? Do you want to spend more time together doing activities you both enjoy? Retrace your steps!

At one point you two were the perfect couple, right? You couldn’t wait to see each other, spent hours talking, and managed to solve any disagreements without growling at each other. Then something happened. One or both of you had to move away, and now you are mainly communicating on the phone, by email, or other means of communication rather than in person. But after a while one or both partners in a long distance relationship may start to drift away and apart from each other. Think back in time and see if you can pin point where things started going off track.

Ideally, you’ll want to sit down and write things down to get a clearer idea of when it started happening, and what was the reason. To you it might seem like your partner started getting snippy out of the blue, but they might be perfectly clear on what started the conflict.

Be willing to compromise!

Any resource on how to save a long distance relationship will tell you to try to find some middle ground, but they don’t all bother to explain why; much less how. Read Long Distance Relationship Advice to find out in detail what it is you must do if you want to save your relationship and bring your long distance partner closer!

To be fair, both of you are going to have to give a little. So sit down together, pick one problem, and come up with a potential solution that you’re both willing to try out for at least a few weeks. That said, everyone has certain ingrained personality traits and habits that just aren’t going to go away. That means at some point you’ll have to decide if those little things you find annoying about your partner are worth breaking up over or if you can just ignore them.

Spend quality time together when you see each other!

A lot of times long distance relationships fall apart just because the two people involved don’t pay enough attention to each other when they finally meet. You might not be able to take a week off and tour Paris, but at least try to set aside one evening a month for a date if you live in the same country; Whatever you do, make this time sacred: no talking about work pressures, money problems, or which of the kids is in trouble this week. Instead, use the time to talk about your thoughts, beliefs and dreams.

Collecting tips and tricks on how to save a long distance relationship won’t do you much good unless you have a solid plan of attack. The step-by-step process here is just the beginning, though. If you really want know how to save your long distance relationship, what you need is a proven plan designed by a professional – Click Here To Read Now!



One Comment on Advice On Long Distance Relationship When Your Long Distance Partner Starts Pulling Away

  1. joanna on Tue, 26th Apr 2011 3:06 am
  2. this article is different from most of the online advice that says if someone has distanced themselves then you should walk away because they’re just not into you anymore.

    my boyfriend is in the military and his work has gotten really crazy. He wasn’t supposed to get deployed this year but now that has changed and I’ve not heard from him in a month & half. He didn’t break up with me. Before the silence he continued to express his concern with how I would adjust to the military life given that we had only been dating 5 months and that I would struggle with the distance when he was deployed since I don’t know anything about the military or military lifestyle. My friends who know him and our story have told me that he’s trying to be the bad guy to protect me from the pain when he’s deployed, hoping that I will think the worst of him and move on. They have encouraged me to drive the 8 hours to see him and find out what’s going on and to tell me in person if he’s breaking up with me or not.
    I just don’t know if that’s the best way to go. I’ve always been able to move on but since we didn’t officially break up I feel like I don’t have closure and I miss him a lot. We honestly did have something really good till his unit got scheduled for deployment and his work got really busy. He had talked to his family about me. We had talked about family & a future together and there was genuine excitement that I had not experienced with ex boyfriends. I’m in my late 20’s so I feel like I’ve been through my share of heartache and other experience to know the difference but this is a first.

    I wont be able to drive over there for at least another 3 weeks but even then I don’t know if it’s something I should do. I guess my fear is that the distance isn’t work related but that he met someone else or just isn’t into me any more. There are moments where I just want the closure so bad that I am tempted to drive out there just to end it myself in person so that I can move on.

    As I mentioned before, My friends who know him and our story have told me that he’s trying to protect me from the pain when he’s deployed, hoping that I will think the worst of him and move on. I am more critical and think it could be something else… but no matter which angle I try to look at it, things just don’t seem to add up… so I just wish I knew. Should I drive the 8 hours? or Should I move on and convince myself that if he is interested he knows where to find me.

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