Proven ground-breaking methods to beat the most difficult Long Distance Relationship problems, to keep the flames burning and to build the joyful and deeply connected relationship you've always dreamed about!

"Here is the Secret to Having Your Dream
Long Distance Relationship!"

By Elaine M.D. a Dating and Relationship Author


Dear Friend,


If you think that your relationship can’t survive because of the distance, think again. Many couples have gone through separation and were able to keep their relationships not only alive but thriving!


If you are currently struggling, scared, anxious and confused don’t despair because those days are over!


Once I show you my effective strategies for surviving and nurturing your long distance relationship you will love every minute of it!


I’ve been there myself. I know that surviving a long distance relationship can be an incredibly painful experience because you love your partner so much!


You miss them terribly; you miss them so much that it hurts; and this excruciating pain just won’t stop! Being away from your partner every second of every day feels like a torture. Every second feels like an hour. Every hour feels like a decade when you are away from the person you love so much!


But it doesn’t have to be like that!


You can make your pain and separation anxiety go away and begin building a happy, magical, loving relationship even when you are separated by hundreds of miles! You can feel happiness and togetherness as if you were in each other’s physical presence even when you are on the opposite continents!


I will show you how!


If you are separated from your partner by distance but don’t want to lose them, this will be the most important page you’ll ever read because as you read this entire page you will immediately learn:


The five biggest challenges of being in a long distance relationship you must overcome in order to keep your  relationship alive


The five biggest problems you must solve in order to keep your long distance relationship growing


The three biggest mistakes long distance partners make that destroy their long distance relationship


Why you both must share in the travel expenses even though one of you may be making a lot of money and the other one doesn’t have any


How often you should communicate with your partner in order to avoid losing them forever


… and much more…


Are you currently experiencing any of the following in your long distance relationship:


You are separated by distance because one of you had to move for work, school, or family reasons


You are apart because one of you is in the military


You are living in different cities, states or countries and you met while one or both of you was traveling and want to know how to continue growing your relationship


You met online via a dating site or a social networking site and are living in different cities, states of countries


You started your relationship when you lived close by, but the circumstances changed and you now live far away from each other


You can’t wait to see each other but the distance makes in nearly impossible to schedule regular visits


You visit each other once in a while but are unable to see each other as often as you’d like because of the cost of travel and you want to know how to make travel more affordable and to get substantial savings when you travel so you can see each other as often as you want


You Want to keep the flames burning but it seems your relationship is frizzling out


You are Worried that your long distance partner may be thinking about straying


You Want to keep your long distance relationship alive but don’t know how to and want to learn the secrets to surviving a long distance relationship and making it work for the long term


You Want to deepen the bond with your partner despite the long distance between the two of you


You Want to learn how to encourage your long distance partner to stay in regular contact with you, call you more often and be excited about connecting with you on a regular basis


You Want to make sure your long distance partner falls in love and/or stays in love with you


Your long distance partner is pulling away and you are afraid of losing them


You want to know the secret to getting your long distance partner back after the break up


You want to know what to do and what not to do if your long distance partner has moved on in order to make them regret their decision and want you back


You want to learn how to keep in control of your emotions


You want to learn how to not be jealous when you don’t know what your long distance partner is doing and where they are at


You want the security from knowing your partner is faithful to you


And most of all you want to survive the separation and be together eventually!

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above I can help!


For years I’ve been helping couples who are separated by distance keep the flames burning, strengthen their relationships and keep the spark alive no matter how far they live from each other.


I myself have experience the hardship of the long distance in a relationship. My first husband was in the Navy. The second time I experienced the distance in a relationship was when I had to leave the US to go back to Europe for family reasons, and my second husband had to stay in the US.


I have also had many clients who were in long distance relationships due to change of jobs, moving out of state, going to school, or because they met online while they were living in different cities, states and even different countries.


I have studied extensively what works and what doesn’t in a long distance relationship, and I have come up with some AMAZING DISCOVERIES!


What it turned out was that the distance doesn’t have to stand on your way of building and nurturing a wonderful loving relationship!


In fact, keeping an intimate and passionate connection with your long distance partner is easier than you think.


Once you know the secrets I am about to reveal to you on this page, keeping your long distance relationship alive and thriving will become a breeze!


Every long distance relationship has its own unique angle. You may be separated from your partner because they had to move away to go to school, and even though you have a good idea of when they will be graduating you still wish you could just skip the years apart and be together.


Or perhaps your partner is in the military service, and you have the uncertainty as to when you can be together again.


Or maybe your partner has moved away for work, and you do not have a clear idea of when you can be together.


Or maybe you met online and fell in love. You want to be together but for the foreseeable future this is not feasible.


Regardless of what challenges you are facing in your long distance relationship, you want to know how to survive these challenges, keep your relationship alive, and to deepen the emotional bond with your partner!


5 Biggest Challenges

You Must Overcome In Order To

Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive!


With the individual challenges in different relationships whether it’s a temporarily long distance or "until someday when we can afford to be together" long-distance relationships may experience a whole array of challenges.


However, the five biggest challenges in a long distance relationship you should overcome in order to keep your relationship alive are:


1. How to keep trust in your relationship when your partner is miles away from you

2. How to find ways to stay in touch emotionally when you can't see each other often

3. How to stay in touch regularly

4. How to remain patient when you don't even know when you'll next be able to see your partner in person, let alone hug, kiss, hold hands, do all the little things that help you bond

5. How to be able to plan for the future when the situation is so uncertain.


Unless you learn to overcome these challenges you won’t be able to sustain your relationship, but don’t worry because I know exactly what it takes to overcome these challenges in a long distance relationship, so keep reading!


The 5 Biggest Problems You Must Solve in Order to  

Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last!


Each individual long distance relationship is different from all others. The circumstances vary with each couple. But what all long distance couples have in common is a specific set of common problems each and every couple needs to address in order to keep their relationship from ending abruptly.


Here are the things you may have already encountered in your relationship, or if your separation is very recent you are about to encounter them:

1. Running out of interesting things to talk about through text or over the phone and feeling like your partner bores you or feeling that your partner gets bored with you

2. Not knowing when your instincts about cheating, lack of true love, or other relationship problems with your lover are true and when they're paranoia

3. Not knowing how to cleanly resolve misunderstandings and miscommunication that will, inevitably, arise (without lingering feelings of mistrust, suspicion, etc.)

4. Not having the certainty of how to define the "terms" of the long distance relationship when you've entered it without doing so: How long will it last? How often does each of you want to talk? How much is too much, and how little makes you feel abandoned or jealous?

5. How to solve money issues when one partner can afford to fly out and visit the other and the other can't afford to reciprocate; even the costs of gifts you send each other, but the biggest thing is plane trips


I am going to show you how to successfully resolve these issues so they won’t stay on the way of your relationship ever again!


But first, you have to be aware of the most common and disastrous mistakes partners make in a long distance relationship that destroy their relationship and kill the chances of a happy relationship.



3 Deadly Mistakes Partners Make That Destroy Their Long Distance Relationship


Truth is keeping a long distance relationship alive may seem like a difficult task.


But it doesn’t have to be!


It hurts being apart from the person you love, especially when you don’t know if you can make it work and keep your partner in love with you when you are separated by so many miles. Don't make these three critical mistakes couples make in a long distance relationship!


Mistake # 1 - At some point you start questioning your partner’s loyalty. You begin to wonder if they are seeing somebody else.


You also start questioning if your partner still loves you and still finds you attractive. Or if your relationship is relatively new you begin to question if he is true to you, or whether he wants a serious relationship or has a hidden agenda.


You begin to doubt your relationship and your partner. You become anxious and fearful that one day your worst fears will come true, and you will lose your partner.


This leads to insecurities, and as a result one of you or both start playing the blame game.


Arguments, fights, tears and broken hearts are the results of lack of trust and lack of knowledge about each other’s whereabouts.


But don’t worry, I am going to show you and teach you step-by-step what you should do to ensure your partner stays loyal to you, so that you can avoid these issues in your long distance relationship.


I am going to give you strategies which will allow you to stay on top of what your partner is doing, where they are going, and who they befriend. And the best thing is that you don’t have to spy on them or hire a private investigator to keep tabs on them. In fact, they will happily allow you the access to such information.


Mistake # 2 – Thinking that all long distance relationships are doomed for failure at one point or another.


When you first separate from your partner you experience a deep feeling on loss and emptiness. At some point you may become even desperate. You start to doubt your ability to sustain this long term relationship because this is a new experience for you. The situation has changed, and so have the dynamics of your relationship.


At this point you don’t know how to deal with this new situation. You may start to come to terms that your relationship will end sooner or later.


Your fears and doubt get the best of you, and you start sabotaging your relationship.


You are doing so because you don’t know how to maintain your relationship to stay in constant contact, to keep the trust, and to nurture the feeling of love.


I know what works and what doesn’t in a long distance relationship, and I will teach you how to deal with your new situation in a way that will allow you and your partner to develop and deepen bond, stay close together emotionally, and to build a life and a future together even when you are far away from each other!


Don’t make the mistake of sabotaging your relationship because of fears and insecurities. Overcoming the obstacles that exist in a long distance relationship is easier than it seems once I show you how!


Mistake # 3 – Not planning for the future.


The goal in a romantic relationship is to develop a long-term, possibly a life-lasting commitment. What keeps a long distance relationship alive is the hope that one day we’ll be together.


It may seem extremely challenging to plan for the future when you and your partner don’t even know when you will see each other again in person.


You may feel it is awkward to make plans for the future, and you may start avoiding making such plans.


As a result you lose hope. When there is no anticipation of a future event, such as a visit of one partner to another, the hope dies. And where there is no hope, there is no passion.


At some point you both may become bored with each other, because instead of making exciting plans for the future you rehash your daily routine when you talk on the phone.


There comes a time when your conversations start to bore each of you because there is nothing new to discuss. You start doubting your partner’s feelings for you, and may feel that they are withdrawing.


Planning for the future doesn’t have to be a long term plan. It could be as simple as making plans for next time you see each other.


If you think this is not feasible, I will teach you how to go about planning you future events, and meetings in greater detail so you can keep your relationship exciting no matter how far apart you are.


I will also teach you secret tricks that will help you save hundreds if not thousands (depending on how far apart you live) of dollars on your travel expenditures, and will show you how to plan and budget your trips wisely to allow you to visit each other more frequently because in order to avoid making your partner feel taken advantage of you must share in the travel expenses even if your partner has more money.


You will also learn:


Not one, but multiple strategies to keep your partner loyal to you no matter what, and no matter who they meet in their everyday life. Learn this and you will never have to worry about your partner cheating even if they meet the most gorgeous member of the opposite sex, they will only have the desire to be with you!


How to use this popular social networking utility to keep them wanting you with intense desire and to keep the flames of passion burning


How to avoid the common pitfalls in a long distance relationship. If you don’t know this, it can spell disaster!

  The tell tale signs when something is not right, and what you need to do right away when you notice these signs if you want to save your relationship. Miss these signs and you might as well kiss your relationship good-bye!


How to travel to see each other more frequently and how to get substantial savings on your travel expenses – these tips alone will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars and will make seeing each other a lot more possible for both of you


How to deal with jealously and negative emotions which is a death to a relationship. If you don’t learn these techniques, you are digging a grave for your relationship!


What to do if you suspect your partner may be straying and the best strategies to prevent cheating in a long distance relationship


How to use one popular social networking utility in a way that will give you both reassurance you stay loyal to each other and to keep you from paranoia and obsessing about what your partner is doing and who they are with when you are not there


How to keep your emotions under control so that you don’t blow up, argue and fight with your partner.


Staying positive is the key to keeping a relationship when distance is an issue. I will teach you specific techniques that will allow you to easily overcome your negative emotions typical for long distance relationships due to the extreme emotional hardship.


What kinds of romantic activities you and your partner can do to create the illusion as if you were doing it together as a couple so that it will feel as if you are in each other’s physical presence (and this has nothing to do with sex by the way)


How to stay romantic with each other – these tips are not some rehashed information – they are specifically designed for couples separated by distance who cannot be in each other’s physical presence but nevertheless want to experience the same feeling as if they were doing things together.


You will also learn how to use not one but multiple technologies to cut down or entirely eliminate the cost of long-distance telephone calls.


Finally, you will learn how to deal with the situation when your partner is withdrawing or even has started dating other people.


You will learn what to do, what not to do, and the best strategies one of you can utilize to bring back the other in a long distance break up!


I have done an extensive research on this subject. I’ve interviewed couples who have done through a long separation. I’ve talked to men and women who were involved in a long distance relationship at the time I interviewed  them.


I, myself went through a number of long distance relationships. I myself have been through two failed long distance relationships when I was in my early twenties, and I have learned from them. I realized why they failed, and I made sure I’d never make the same mistakes again! And I never did!


Whether your long distance relationship is a serious one, a full-fledged commitment or marriage; or if you are just casually dating, I have put together a whole 80+ Page Guide full of information that you will benefit from if:


You are in a serious relationship


You are in a casual dating relationship


You met through an online dating site and your long distance relationship is new


There are techniques which you can utilize regardless of the status of your long distance relationship – serious or casual!


There are also techniques that are specific for long-term relationships, and on the other hand there are different techniques for casual couples and online dating couple.




You may be able to find some articles in press or on the Internet that give advice on how to deal with long distance relationships, however, most other resources are limited to married or at least engaged couples!


There isn’t anything else that I know of that covers ALL THE BASES and teaches you how to survive a long distance relationship in dating or in a more casual situation. And there are certainly NO OTHER BOOKS LIKE THIS that would teach long distance relationship skills not just to married couples but also to partners who know each other very little such as when they met on an Internet dating site and had very little or none face-to-face interaction!


Knowing that there is shortage of self-help books which would help couples in dating romantic relationships who are forced into lack of face-to-face interaction I specifically wrote this guide to make sure I cover all bases. I’ve even included some of my personal stories of when I met men on the Internet, and explained specifically what was done incorrectly in a couple of cases in which it didn’t work out and why so you can avoid making the most common mistakes people make in long distance relationships.


I specifically spell out what NOT to do, and what mistakes to avoid when you meet in person if you have met on a dating site and one or both of you are traveling to meet for the first time.


In addition, in this guide I am giving you a great idea of a venue for your first meeting which will be fun and safe for both of you no matter what you like. I have personally met men online and had the first dates at that venue where both of us flew in to meet. I will give you even more ideas on what to do when you meet to make sure your meeting and your dates are memorable and special!


Introducing: "Love and Distance"

 Your Guide to a Happy, Lasting Long Distance Relationship


The information in this guide will enable you to keep your long distance relationship alive for any length of time, strengthen the bond between the two of you, and improve your long-distance relationship by understanding what you need to know, do, and be in order to succeed in a long distance relationship.


Here is just a small taste of the amazing discoveries you will make...


What component is absolutely necessary for any relationship and will kill a long-distance relationship if it isn't present!


How to resist the jealousy beast and improve the health of your relationship almost immediately


The two types of separation in a long-distance relationship and why they're both crucial to understand

Love and Distance Book

How to know if your long-distance relationship is going to last and get out early if you're going to be hurt


Reducing the worry and paranoia that can create giant holes in a relationship where none exist


The best types of gifts to show your partner that you care, whatever your budget is


Ideas for meaningful gifts that will fulfill your partner's heart and soul without collecting dust


Why you have to build something else to build your relationship


Some simple ways to spend time together, however far apart you may be


An unusual and fun way to open the communication in your relationship


The rules of interaction in long-distance relationships


How to maintain hope and keep your relationship strong when you don't know when you will next meet up with your partner


Some great sites to find any gift, whether you want to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry"


This guide is delivered to you via the Internet, which means this is deliverel as an e-book, and you can download it instantly right on your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



You need help now! And I know you don’t want to wait!


This book is available for instant download on this site only. Once you click on the "Add-to-cart" button down below you will be taken to a secure checkout through PayPal.


This book is not sold in the stores. You can only get it online from this site. This way we are able to deliver this guide to you instantly, any day of the week, on weekends and holidays, even if it’s 2 A.M


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Your personal download link will also be emailed to you. Please be sure to double-check that your email is correct when you fill out the form.


This book is 82 pages long including cover. I made sure that I put my best long distance advice and tips in an easy to read concise format so that you can start implementing the techniques described in this guide right away!


You don’t have to wait! You’ve been waiting long enough!


This book will give you peace of mind and the security from knowing that now you have a clear direction as to exactly what to do to keep your long distance relationship exciting and to build the emotional bond with your partner stronger than ever!


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How much would it worth it to you to finally know what to do, have a sense of direction, and have a peace of mind?


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You will find romantic ideas to stay close when you are apart as well as romantic ideas for when you are together to make your visits the most memorable!


Never run out of ideas to make your time together special. Never get bored with or bore your partner. These romantic ideas and fun quizzes will ensure you and your partner stay in love regardless the distance!

Romantic tips

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The Complete Guide that Finally Explains

How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship

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